Evidence to continue in 60 Minutes case

December 07, 2017

Mouhammad Tabbaa and his former wife are suing the Nine Network over a 60 Minutes episode.

The woman at the centre of a 60 Minutes defamation case brought by her parents is expected to continue giving her evidence to a NSW Supreme Court jury.

Mouhammad Tabbaa and his former wife Pamela Tabbaa are suing the Nine Network over the program broadcast in 2014, in which their daughter Nadia said she was kidnapped at 13 while holidaying in Egypt, taken to live with relatives in Syria and forced to marry her older cousin.

Giving evidence for Nine on Wednesday, Ms Tabbaa, now 29, told the jury she thought she was going back to Australia after Egypt and had bought bottles of perfume for her friends.

But she was taken to Jordan to see her father who told her she would be living with her grandmother in Syria "and any time I wanted to go home I could call him and he would send me home".

When she spoke to her mother in Sydney on the phone, she was told: "I'm sorry, it was the best thing to do".

Ms Tabbaa said her grandmother "just hated me", made her do all the household chores and regularly abused her.

She told 60 Minutes she managed to escape and return to Sydney when she was 18.

Ms Tabbaa is expected to continue her evidence on Thursday.

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