Protesters clash at Vic Yiannopolous event

December 04, 2017

Protesters have clashed at an event featuring a controversial British right-wing commentator.

Fights have broken out between protesters in Melbourne at an event for controversial right-wing speaker Milo Yiannopolous.

The commentator is speaking at several events in Melbourne on Monday, with a heavy police presence in place to keep attendees and protesters separate.

Hundreds of protesters from left-aligned group Campaign Against Racism and Fascism and the right-wing True Blue Crew are rallying outside the event.

Chants of "f*** off Nazis" were yelled by anti-fascist groups, while supporters of the controversial commentator were waving Trump flags and wearing red "Make America Great Again" caps.

Pepper spray was used after a fight broke out between two protesters in the middle of Racecourse Road.

Rocks were thrown at a police van and the road was closed to traffic in both directions.

Public order officers have been deployed to keep the two groups away from each other.

Promoter Damien Costas said the activists were wasting taxpayer money by protesting against the event.

"Simply because his (Yiannopolis) views are different from the status quo," Mr Costas said.

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