Ex-RSL boss details eye-watering expenses

September 18, 2017

Former NSW RSL president Don Rowe will face a public inquiry into charity rorting allegations.

The former NSW RSL president will be grilled at a public inquiry about his controversial resignation and allegations of charity rorting.

Don Rowe headed the organisation from 2003 until he stepped down in late 2014 for what the RSL maintained was ill health.

An auditor's report last year found he used his corporate credit card to pay for around $38,000 in phone bills and withdrew $200,000 cash during his 11-year reign as president.

The NSW government set up the charitable fundraising inquiry after the chairman of a board of inquiry alerted the minister to limitations of its investigative powers.

Earlier this month, counsel assisting Anthony Cheshire, SC, flagged that there will be evidence of a confrontation between Mr Rowe and the organisation's treasurer shortly before his resignation.

Questions about the validity of so-called "consulting fees" were raised at the state council level, which Mr Cheshire described as "at times tense".

He said it appeared Mr Rowe's expenses were never questioned during his 11-year tenure and questioned whether the ex-president resigned for health reasons or whether he was issued an ultimatum.

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