Man charged after Melbourne rally clash

September 17, 2017

A man has been arrested at a rally in Melbourne for violating face-covering laws.

A man has been arrested at an anti-racism rally in Melbourne for wearing a face covering in the middle of the crowd and another has hit a photographer.

The man wearing all black and a black covering from his neck to just under his eyes was arrested under Victoria's new anti-face covering laws at the rally in front of the State Library on Swanston Street shortly after 12pm Sunday.

As he was arrested and searched the man yelled at journalists for being "unethical" in filming his arrest. He was issued with a move on order.

Another was arrested after hitting an AAP photographer nearby.

The woman dressed in black swung at the photographer near where the other man was being searched.

It's thought the pair were not part of the anti-racism rally.

The anti-racism rally "From Charlottesville to Melbourne: Unite to Fight the Far Right" is aiming to march to the Victorian Parliament to face off with right wing groups who are also rallying on Sunday.

The second rally calling for minimum sentencing and no bail for violent offenders has been organised by gym owner and former Israeli defence force member Avi Yemini.

A group responsible for storming an inner Melbourne council meeting to protest the dropping of Australia Day has claimed they will attend the right-wing rally.

Victoria Police has promised a strong presence at the rallies to maintain public safety and a designated zone would be in place.

Police can conduct weapons searches and request protesters to remove any facial coverings if they are being used to conceal identities or protect from crowd control measures in a designated zone.

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