Voters pick Labor over Libs on power bills

September 12, 2017

Voters think Labor more likely to deliver on lower power bills, according to an Essential poll.

Voters don't seem to believe Turnbull government promises about doing everything possible to lower power prices.

A new Essential poll shows more Australians think Labor is more likely to deliver lower prices (28 per cent) than the coalition - and still more (35 per cent) don't think there's any difference between them.

In fact, almost as many didn't know which party was more likely to deliver lower prices (18 per cent) as those who thought the government could deliver (19 per cent).

The survey also asked whether Australians thought renewables or fossil fuels were better for the environment, power prices, the economy and jobs.

Renewables won out on all counts, although people were less sure of their benefits for power prices and the economy than when the question was last asked in May 2015.

One in 12 thought burning coal and gas to create power was better for the environment than using solar or wind.

There was also more approval than disapproval for a range of suggested actions the government could take to ensure reliable, affordable and clean power.

The strongest support was for regulating electricity and gas prices and increasing investment in renewables and storage.

Just over half thought the government should stop coal-fired power stations closing - such as AGL's Liddell plant in the NSW Hunter Valley - while just under half approved of taxpayers building or subsidising new goal generators.

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