NSW blogger jailed for contempt

August 10, 2017

A blogger has been jailed over naming two women alleged to have had affairs with Tim Worner.

A blogger is due to be sentenced for defying orders banning the naming of two women who were alleged to have had affairs with Seven West Media chief executive Tim Worner.

Self-described journalist Shane Dowling was found guilty in March of contempt of court after he breached orders demanding he remove the names of the women from his website and stop republishing the allegations made in legal documents by Amber Harrison.

Ms Harrison, whose court battle over her affair with Mr Worner ended in July, had alleged the two Seven on-screen identities also had sexual relationships with him.

The women, who have been given the pseudonyms Jane Doe 1 and Jane Doe 2, have denied the claims and their names are suppressed by the court.

In a NSW Supreme Court sentence hearing last month, the women's lawyer submitted the only appropriate penalty for the contempt of court was a prison sentence.

But in written submissions, Dowling described the proceedings were "a national scandal", adding he'd done nothing more than "any journalist does every day around the country" in naming people referred to in tendered legal documents.

Justice Ian Harrison is due to sentence Dowling on Thursday.

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