Boxer beat, tried to rape Japanese tourist

August 09, 2017

Former boxer Anton Olarte (right) has admitted smashing a Japanese woman's head against a wall.

A former professional boxer bashed and tried to rape a young Japanese tourist in the stairwell of a Melbourne block of flats before shaving his head for disguise and going to church to pray for forgiveness.

Philippines-born Anton Olarte, who fought 51 super welterweight bouts, pleaded guilty in the Victorian County Court on Wednesday to attempted rape and intentionally causing injury over the August 2016 attack on the 23-year-old woman.

Prosecutor Ray Gibson said Olarte, 34, grabbed the young woman from behind as she waited for a lift before dragging her by the ankles to an alcove and punching her in the face and stomach, repeatedly smashing her head against a concrete wall and forcing himself on her as she screamed for help.

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