Nicholls urges LNP unity ahead of election

July 16, 2017

Malcolm Turnbull has told LNP members it is 'delusional' to believe coal doesn't have a future.

Queensland's Liberal National Party state convention will consider formally calling on the federal government to back out of the Paris Climate Accord.

Delegates are expected to debate the controversial resolution at the final day of the meeting in Brisbane, after previously endorsing a motion to urge a future LNP state government to support the coal industry.

A successful vote would put pressure on Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull to follow US President Donald Trump's lead and withdraw from the global pact, a move which is supported by some on his backbench.

However, it's possible the convention will run out of time to consider the proposal on Sunday, which is listed near the bottom of its 77-resolution agenda.

The party is also due to consider a resolution calling for a royal commission into the role of human-produced carbon dioxide in materially changing the world's climate.

Opposition Leader Tim Nicholls is due to address the meeting at 10:30am.

The prime minister used his address to the convention on Saturday to mount a defence of coal-powered electricity, saying those who think the resource doesn't have a future are "delusional".

"Those people who say coal and other fossil fuels have no future are delusional and they fly in the face of all of the economic forecasts," he told the crowd.

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