I've not acted inappropriately:Border boss

July 15, 2017

Australian Border Force Commissioner Roman Quaedvlieg says he's confident of being exonerated.

The head of the Australian Border Force is confident his name will be cleared, insisting he's done nothing wrong and will be back in the top job soon.

It was revealed last week that Roman Quaedvlieg had gone on leave amid an external investigation.

It reportedly centres on allegations he helped a junior staffer with whom he had a relationship secure work at Sydney airport.

The ABF commissioner, in a statement to The Australian on Saturday, hit out at "scandalmongers" fuelling speculation about the matter.

He said it was important the process be allowed to run its course without distraction and "unwarranted scrutiny and distress to my family and loved ones".

"I've not acted inappropriately," he told the newspaper.

"I'm looking forward to an early exoneration and resuming my public service career and contributing to Australia's national security, which is critically important, especially at a time where it is being threatened by splintering, but still pernicious, global ideologies that motivate individuals and groups to commit senseless acts of terrorism on innocent populations."

Another high-ranking Border Force officer, meanwhile, has quit while facing an investigation into allegations he had an inappropriate relationship with a female staff member.

Assistant Commissioner Peter Docwra - who was head of the ABF's capability division - resigned on Thursday after taking extended leave.

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