MP makes bid to protect Aussie beef brand

June 19, 2017

Crossbench MP Rebekha Sharkie has introduced a private bill to "safeguard" the local beef industry.

What do Rebel Wilson and Skype have in common with Australian beef?

They're all Australian brands worth protecting, according to a federal crossbench MP.

The Nick Xenophon Team's Rebekha Sharkie on Monday introduced to parliament a private bill aimed at "safeguarding" the reputation of the local beef industry.

The proposed laws would make it illegal for companies to market beef as Australian if the meat hasn't been processed according to Australian standards, under Australian regulations, in Australia.

Those that don't take appropriate steps would be penalised.

"We believe that it's manifestly unfair that a company could bypass all that regulation and scrutiny by processing Australian cattle overseas but still profiting from the reputation of Australian beef," Ms Sharkie told MPs.

"We would go as far to say that it's un-Australian to take a free ride on the hard work of others."

Ms Sharkie said the bill will close a loophole to ensure a level playing field for the red meat industry as a whole.

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